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Door-to-door Energy Solicitors Impersonating NOPEC Employees

There have been several reports of door-to-door solicitors posing as NOPEC employees in several Northeast Ohio communities this Spring. As a reminder, NOPEC NEVER goes door-to-door or calls residents or small businesses to enroll them into your community’s natural gas and/or electric aggregation program.

If someone knocks on your door posing as a NOPEC employee during normal business hours, ask for a business card or capture as much information as you can (company name, solicitor’s name, a phone number, copy of any paperwork/brochures they offer you, make, color and license plate number of car, etc.) and call city hall to report them. After normal business hours, call NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201, 24 hours, 7 days a week to report the encounter. NOPEC will notify your community officials and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) of this illegal activity.

And remember, NEVER share your utility bill or account information with anyone that comes knocking on your door or contacts you are unprompted


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