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Hometown Heroes Banner Program

The Perry Area Hometown Heroes (P AHH) are pleased to implement a program to honor armed service veterans who live or have lived in North Perry Village, Perry Township or Perry Village. Veterans who have served in any of the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard or Space Force are eligible for the program. This is done by posting a 24"x 54" banner with the veterans picture, rank, branch of service and name of the sponsor on wooden light poles from Memorial Day until Veterans Day. Banners will be displayed in specific locations in North Perry Village, Perry Township and Perry Village. Individuals, families or organizations can sponsor the banners. Upon removal after Veterans Day, the banners will be stored at the Veterans entity.

Please complete the Hometown Heroes applications and include a high resolution photo. Digital photos should be JPEG or PNG format. Original photos will be returned to the sponsor. The cost of each banner installed is $215.00. The banners have an expected lifetime of 3 years. They will be displayed from Memorial Day until Veterans Day, and put in storage until the next year.

The deadline for submitting application is January 31st 2024. PAHH cannot

replace banners that are damaged or stolen while on display.

See details for ordering on application form. For questions or additional

information, call 440-259-5140.

Thank You for your interest in honoring our veterans.


2024 Hometown Heroe Letter and application
Download PDF • 124KB

Karen Sundy

Perry Township Administrator

Larry Reichard

North Perry Village

Mike Glover

Perry Village Council


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