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Policing Funding Update

Last week, a united Lake County Township Association, consisting of representatives from each of the five townships in Lake County, met with Commissioner John Hamercheck and Sheriff Leonbruno to discuss policing in Lake County townships. More specifically, we discussed the needs of providing a sufficient number of Deputy Sheriff’s to properly respond to crime and security in those townships which contract with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

We are pleased to relay to the residents of our townships, that there was a very constructive discussion about not only present needs, but future needs as well. Everyone present agreed that security and safety is a top concern in our townships, and that all of us must continue to think about how best to share resources. Concord, Painesville and Perry Townships agreed that working with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office brings us highly skilled law enforcement officers, and an economical way we as townships can provide a safe and secure community. Madison Township embraced this agreement to maintain a strong working relationship with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, as a compliment to their own township police department which was established on September 13, 1966.

Townships must examine avenues on how best to fund policing. But we truly believe that our township association will develop a collaborative approach that will ensure we have the highest level of policing in our communities. The continued commitment by the Lake County Commissioners to fund part of our policing efforts will help ensure our success.

With questions or further inquiries, please contact Morgan McIntosh, Concord Township Trustee & President of the LCTA at

LC Press Release 2 Nov 2022
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