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Road Systems

The roads in Perry Township belong to four different categories:

  1. State and Federal routes are designated by the Federal Government and are maintained by the Ohio State Department of Transportation, i.e. SR 20 and SR 84.

  2. County roads are designated by the County Commissioners and are maintained by the Lake County Road Department under the direction of the Lake County Engineer, i.e. Lane Road, Call Road, Narrows Road, etc.

  3. ‘Excepted’ are Township roads that have been brought up to the County Engineer’s standards, at which time the County Commissioners relinquish control to the Township. These Township roads are maintained by the individual Townships, i.e. all( subdivision roads, Shepard, Clark, etc.).

  4. Private roads or accessways on private property which have not been dedicated as public roadways; these include mobile home parks, condos and private drives such as Althea and Brookside Drive.


4720 Webb Road

Perry, Ohio 44081

Office: 440-259-4047

Service Department Staff

Wade Crofoot, Supervisor

Ryan Sprague, Foreman

Chris Hazel

Todd Schultz

Brandon Warren

Jonathan Taylor

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